Licenses and certificates

Accreditation body of Serbia – ATS
ALMAKS DOO BELGRADE is accredited by ATS, accreditation number 06-226, for control activities.  Accreditation  Certificate , Scope  of Accreditation and  Management System Policy  for Conformity Assessment. See all the accreditations that Almaks doo received from ATS at the link here 
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia

License for installation, commissioning and maintenance of technical protection systems and user training
License for risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business
License for planning technical protection systems
License for designing and supervising the implementation of technical protection systems
Solution for implementation of professional training for the performance of private security services for planning, designing and supervising the execution of technical protection systems and installation, commissioning and maintenance of technical protection systems
Decision on fulfillment of requirements for designing fire detection systems
Decision on authorized servicing

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia – Department for Emergency Situations

Decision/authorization under number 09-217-703/16 to be able to engage  in design and implementation of special systems and fire protection measures for the following areas:

  • Stable fire extinguishing systems in the building (design only)
  • Stable fire alarm systems
  • Stable systems for the detection of explosive gases and steam

The same sector also issued us:

Government Office of the National Security and Intelligence Council

Certificate of access to classified information for a legal entity, certificate of access to classified information of the level of classification

Serbian Chamber of Engineering
  • 353 Responsible designer of telecommunication networks and systems
  • 453 Responsible contractor of telecommunications networks and systems
    Based on the Law on Planning and Construction, Rulebook on Conditions and Procedure for Issuing a License for a Responsible Urban Planner, Designer, Contractor.
  • 450 – Responsible contractor of low and medium voltage power installations
Control certificate according to the SRPS A.L2.002:2015 standard, control area:

Technical protection:

• Burglary protection
• Fire protection
• Video security
• Access and exit control
• Satellite vehicle tracking (GPS)

(ISS) Institute for Standardization of Serbia, SRPS A.L2.002:2008

Published on 29.12.2008, Official Gazette: 7/09. This Serbian standard determines the requirements for the quality of the service process. Article defines the requirements for the satellite tracking service (GPS).

Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft, with its requirements for employee certification and regular checks and support to the IT team of ALMAKS DOO BELGRADE, enables the provision of high-quality service to our clients.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2000

The requirements for the quality management system, the ability to provide the customer with the product according to the applicable regulatory requirements, aims to increase the quality of the service through the effective application of the system and the continuous process of system improvement.

IQNet Association – Manufacturing of GPS Car Locating System

Global certification body for specialist and industry specific solutions. IQNet – the association was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Bern, covering more than 150 countries.

„E“-Mark, The European high level certification

Recognized in the automotive industry, it covers the safety requirements of the automotive industry for vehicles and their components throughout Europe. It was founded by the European Commission (ECE). All tests are performed in accredited ECE institutions.

TUV Product Safety, Rhineland Germany

Test: safety, performance and quality of technical equipment for Europe and Germany.

CB Test certificate, Class III

The first international testing system dealing with the safety of electrical and electronic components, equipment and products. It is a multilateral agreement between member countries and certification organizations.

Declaration Of Conformity, Complied with directives for EMC and LVD

Declaration that the product complies with the basic requirements of the European Union
(directives that products must meet).

FCC Part 15, Subpart B, Class B

The FCC regulates interstate and international radio, television, satellite and cable communications.

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