Business goals

Company Almaks Security Systems was founded with the aim of offering the market a synthesis of knowledge, skills, experiences and technological achievements - for the purpose of effective protection of persons, their property and business. After many years of dealing with risks of all types and levels, the path leading to the choice of methods in the performance of security operations that are superior to the tactics used by modern attackers has become clear.

A good assessment of the situation, effective systems for early detection, quick response and procedures of professional teams after a risk is detected - are sufficient guarantees of a successful defense. That is why we constantly strive to follow such a path of company development.

Our task

Company Almaks Security Systems has clear determinations. It is a selection of top technologies for effective early detection of risks and application of optimal tactics for their elimination.

Our commitment is to provide practical and, in terms of cost, economical solutions for the early detection of risks, so that our clients can increase the degree of their personal and property security.

Defending property rights, applying the top technology we offer and providing useful and necessary services to our users - by introducing new, easy-to-use and extremely favorable solutions in the price-benefit ratio - is the key to our high market position and a necessary prerequisite for creating and maintaining trust and business relationship with our clients for a long period of time.

In addition to constant work on the selection and improvement of human resources and the introduction of optimal business procedures, the focus of business policy is expressed through the application of the most modern technologies for early detection and effective prevention of attacks on the people we protect, their property and business. During many years of research, our own development and production, in cooperation with many leading world companies, we have defined key goals.

The key objectives are:

  • The highest standards of service
  • Favorable price-benefit ratio
  • Recognizable brands
  • Leading position in the industry
  • Presence in the markets of countries in the region

We achieve the stated goals by implementing the following key activities:

  • Regulations and efficient application of procedures at all levels and with a clear limit of individual responsibility, both in ours and in the companies of business partners (in the part related to the use of our systems);
  • By cooperating and developing business relations with companies in the country and abroad that specialize in the production of goods and services from the security industry, as well as with manufacturers from other areas necessary for the use of our systems on the market;
  • By participating in organized activities that lead to the normative organization of activities in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the standardization of processes and services from the private security of persons and property;
  • By developing business relations in the country and abroad with related companies, with the aim of exchanging the services that we provide under the contract to clients who are temporarily "within the range" of the monitoring centers.

ALMAKS marketing strategy is to develop business relationships and partnerships with:

  • Insurance companies who want to reduce in a good way the probability of payment of damages for insured risks (burglary, theft, robbery, natural disasters, robbery of money, theft of vehicles, etc.), as well as to fulfill assumed responsibilities towards leasing companies;
  • To importers and dealers of new vehicles - who want to offer their customers "service more";
  • Installation services - who want to provide professional installation and system maintenance services to their and our clients;
  • Related companies in the territory and in the region who want to offer their clients a GPS system through the application of our systems and technical support and thus increase business efficiency and business reputation on the market.

Our location

Since 1991, we have been taking care of security
and technical protection systems.