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Almaks GPS Fleet is the latest software designed for efficient and easy fleet management. This system gives you a detailed view of all the important information you need to control your fleet. Our system monitors the level of fuel in the tank, optimizes fleet costs, determines the most optimal route for vehicles and analyzes the driving style of your drivers.

All the listed functions of our system increase productivity and stabilize profits.

Additional modules are thus designed to improve system productivity and expand the range of possibilities available to you with Almax GPS Fleet Management. That is why Almaks GPS Fleet actively participates in deciding on the future development of products in this category.


Monitoring the fuel level in the tank is a key parameter for economy, whether it's driving safely or preventing fuel theft.

The Almaks GPS monitoring system is designed to effectively measure and control fuel consumption in vehicles. Accurate fuel metering has helped many of our partners improve their business. Costs automatically become lower, which leads to saving not only fuel, but also time, not to mention the reduction of exhaust gases that have a harmful effect on the environment and human health.

Comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports are made based on the information collected by fuel detection sensors by connecting GPS devices to the trip computer and other telemetry devices, which transmit the desired parameters in real time. The variety of these reports can meet any need to monitor fuel levels to keep consumption under control, significantly reducing costs and preventing fuel theft.

You can read examples from practice here


Good organization of immovable property is always a challenge for the company, mostly due to logistical and security issues. If you entrust Almaks GPS solution with data collection and processing, as well as accident reporting, you will have more time for other business activities.

By organizing the information collected by our devices and displaying it in a simple and easy-to-understand interface, you will have insight into all data - date, time and location.

Our asset monitoring system is made up of a large number of additional sensors and telemetry equipment. That is why it allows you to remotely diagnose construction equipment, cooling chambers, diesel generators, containers and other moving machinery. Of course, again in a very understandable and simple way.


The Almaks GPS vehicle tracking platform is used today by hundreds of companies in several European countries because it complies with numerous regulations and road rules.

In addition to contributing to compliance with the law, the fleet management system is also very useful for controlling the driving style and the safety of the vehicle itself. The costs of establishing and maintaining a company are quite high, so it is natural to strictly monitor the way transport vehicles are driven, with supervision that ensures the security of orders.

We have created a system that allows for upgrading, in order to ensure an adequate analysis of each driver separately, which allows the most careful drivers to be rewarded.


When fleet management becomes a tool with which you improve the performance of your employees, you will understand that with our solution, you not only have insight into the entire fleet, but you can be sure that your resources are optimally used.

Consequently, monitoring workers working in the field is very important not only for safety reasons, but also for control measures. When responsibility shifts from business life to private life, tracking family members and pets becomes possible with this same solution


Almaks GPS software is designed with the intention of providing complete security for your vehicles and important information. The universal application of our system can be adapted to specific parameters that are important for the protection of vehicles and objects against theft.

We offer you an access control solution for companies, which can be easily integrated with the video surveillance system, as well as with the alarm system of the object and the environment. Almaks GPS is proud to offer universal security system solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

Since it was designed to meet the expectations of a large number of users from various spheres of activity, Almaks GPS is very suitable for both private companies and state organizations for which efficient maintenance of business premises is of key importance.


Cargo space management and temperature monitoring represent the most important items in industries where changing these parameters can cause a chain reaction of unwanted effects.


Almaks GPS software is able to collect all the necessary parameters from several temperature sensors of different types that are connected to devices that measure, monitor and report on temperatures in the transport space, in real time. Users receive a warning through the system or via an SMS message, which enables timely intervention.

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