Almaks technical systems
protection of facilities
Many years of experience in planning, creating and implementing projects for the protection of buildings of various purposes and in all situations ALMAKS
GPS vehicle tracking and
consumption management
The system gives you a detailed view of all the important information you need to control your fleet ALMAKS
Assessment and prediction of future outcomes are an indispensable element of the strategy of any organization that wants to offer quality services to its users Risk assessment as a basis
successful business
Our goals

Different system solutions for surveillance, monitoring and protection

Assessment and prediction of future outcomes are an indispensable element of any organization's strategy

Many years of experience in designing technical protection systems

The latest software designed for efficient and easy fleet management

A healthy and safe environment is a prerequisite for a successful business

A new digital communication system that connects people, computers and machines

Our goals

Our services and services are part of a comprehensive protection process

Today, our company actively supplies a large part of the domestic market with hundreds of items in the field of electronic protection of buildings, and has expanded its activity to other telecommunication, information and signal systems.


Our partners on protection and security projects


Company history, present
and plans for the future

History in brief

We have been dealing with technical protection systems for almost 30 years and we have many plans for the future.


Projects to which
we are very proud

Our goals

Risk assessments for all types of protection systems

A healthy and safe environment with reduced risk is a prerequisite for successful business, regardless of the type of activity and size.

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    "A partner I can rely on at all times."

    Executive Director

    Mirko Nikolić

    "Cooperation with the company Almaks started several years ago and now we are reliable partners."

    Technological engineer

    Maja Petrović

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      Since 1991, we have been taking care of security
      and technical protection systems.