Almaks engineering

We offer contractor companies and investors complete "turnkey" solutions and professional technical support in the field of technical protection systems (STZ), fire protection (PPZ) and telecommunication and signaling installations (TiS):

  • STZ planning
  • Designing STZ, PPZ and TiS
  • Consulting in design, implementation, public procurement of STZ, PPZ and TiS
  • Public procurement support with competitive prices, licenses and ISO certificates
  • Implementation and integration of STZ, PPZ and TiS systems
  • Improvement of technical protection and fire protection
  • Development of specific solutions according to user needs
  • Control inspections of fire alarm and gas detection systems
  • Service and maintenance of implemented solutions
  • Trainings for obtaining MUP licenses for planning, design, execution and maintenance of STZ

By providing a complete service to our clients, we save time, money and free them from worrying about quality work completion. 

Our location

Since 1991, we have been taking care of security
and technical protection systems.