Disaster risk assessment

Do you have to have a Disaster Risk Assessment and supporting plans?

A disaster risk assessment and a protection and rescue plan can only be prepared by legal entities that are authorized to prepare a disaster risk assessment and a protection and rescue plan, and who have permanent employees who hold a license to prepare a disaster risk assessment and plan. protection and rescue. The company Almaks has the authorization, and in this regard it is able to provide you with quality service.

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Creating a disaster risk assessment recognizes, defines and analyzes all issues related to the existing situation, dangers, effects of consequences, risk treatment and community responses to the occurrence of natural and other disasters through the following steps:

  • Description and status of protected values,
  • Risks and causes that can lead to accidents,
  • Consequences that may arise due to the occurrence of hazards,
  • Determining the appropriate organization and implementation of prevention measures,
  • Assessment of needs and possibilities in the provision of human and material resources.

The disaster risk assessment is the document on the basis of which emergency protection and rescue plans are drawn up.


What law applies to this area?

Law on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management "Official Gazette of RS", No. 87 of November 13, 2018.

What is a disaster risk assessment?

The disaster risk assessment identifies the type, character and origin of certain risks from the occurrence of disasters, the degree of threat, factors that cause them or increase the degree of possible danger, the consequences that may occur for the life and health of people, the environment, material and cultural assets, the performance of public services and economic activities, as well as other assumptions of importance for the development of usual life, economic and social activities.

What is a protection and rescue plan?

The protection and rescue plan is an operational document, the proper use of which aims to protect and save people, material and cultural assets, and the environment.

The protection and rescue plan defines measures and activities, as well as forces and means for preventing and reducing the consequences of disasters and managing emergency situations, as a way of organizing them and acting in emergency situations.

A protection and rescue plan is required to be prepared and adopted by all entities that have the obligation to prepare a disaster risk assessment.

What is an accident protection plan?

Businesses and other legal entities that carry out activities in which one or more dangerous substances are present or may be present in prescribed quantities, are obliged to prepare and submit to the Ministry for approval an Accident Protection Plan, as well as to take measures in accordance with that document. for preventing accidents and limiting the impact of accidents and consequences on people's life and health, economy and ecology, social stability and the environment.

The company Almaks has the authority to create an accident protection plan, and in this regard it is able to provide you with a quality service.

What is a disaster risk reduction plan?

The disaster risk reduction plan establishes concrete preventive, organizational, technical, financial, normative, supervisory, educational and other measures and activities that the competent state authorities and other subjects, based on the assessment of individual risks, are obliged to undertake in the future in order to reduce risks of disasters and mitigating their consequences.

A disaster risk reduction plan is drawn up and adopted for the territory

  • of the Republic of Serbia (National Disaster Risk Reduction Plan),
  • Autonomous Provinces (Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Plan) i

Local self-government units (local disaster risk reduction plan).

Who has the legal obligation to prepare a disaster risk assessment and a protection and rescue plan?
  • Republic of Serbia;
  • Autonomous province;
  • Local governments;
  • Entities of special importance for protection and rescue (except federations, clubs and associations);
  • Commercial companies;
  • Health institutions (except pharmacies);
  • Preschool and school institutions and faculties for all facilities where children stay, that is, facilities where classes take place;
  • Social protection institutions for facilities where users reside;
  • Legal entities that manage business, trade, sports, catering and accommodation facilities and leisure facilities with a capacity of more than 100 people, and if the facilities are intended for the stay of children up to 14 years of age, regardless of capacity;

Legal entities that include organizational units whose capacities, scope and importance of activities are of particular importance for the economy of the Republic of Serbia in the fields of energy, telecommunications, mining and transport.

What are the penalties for not having documentation?

The law provides that a fine in the amount of 100,000 to 1,000,000 dinars will be imposed on a legal entity for a misdemeanor in the event that:

1) does not create, pass, or update the disaster risk assessment;

2) fails to create, adopt or update a protection and rescue plan;

3) prepares a disaster risk assessment and a protection and rescue plan and does not have the authority to prepare a disaster risk assessment and a protection and rescue plan;

4) fails to submit data necessary for the preparation of disaster risk assessment and protection and rescue plans.

What is the period of validity of the Disaster Risk Assessment and other Plans?

The legislator provided that the Disaster Risk Assessment, as well as the Plans, are periodically updated in accordance with the needs and new circumstances; three years.

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